2020-04-05 Update CPX-Basic 1.20 three new functions: LOWER$, UPPER$, ROUND
2020-03-27 Update HomePage Penguin 3.06 bug fixes, recompiled with GBE 3.7
2020-03-27 Update En Vogue 1.10 added some CSS properties, recompiled with GBE 3.7
2020-03-24 Update HTML-Help 2.60 recompiled with GBE 3.7, minor fixes
2020-03-15 Update Milanopoly 0.61 recompiled with GBE 3.7, minor fixes
2020-03-12 Update Equation Calculation 1.61 recompiled with GBE 3.7, cosmetic changes
2020-03-11 Update AlertHelp 2.2.1 replaced icons with text buttons
2020-03-07 Update spareCALC 1.15 source code release, updated English RSC

HomePage Penguin 3 HTML generator and editor

The HomePage Penguin was the first program to create a simple website with an Atari ST/TT/Falcon. First released in 1996, it follows the wizard concept, which guides the user step by step to his own page. Later versions were commercially distributed in Germany by falkemedia (2.x) and M.u.C.S. (3.x). In Great Britain CyberStrider and 16/32 Systems took over the distribution. The HomePage Penguin offers a modern user interface and supports various standards of the late 90s. Version 3.1 was never completed.

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HomePage Penguin 3.x screenshot

spareTIME Organizer

SpareTIME is an organizer for your Atari! Originally developed by Markus Mayer, I continued developing the program and modernized the user interface.

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spareTIME screenshot

HTML-Help 2.60 HTML utility

HTML-Help is a utility for HTML files on the Atari ST/TT/Falcon. First released in 1996 together with the HomePage Penguin, it offers various tools to convert special characters, change file formats and many more.

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HTML-Help 2.60 screenshot

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